Will you still love when im not longer young and beautiful



if you put a frog in boiling water, it will jump out.

if you put a frog in warm water and gradually turn up the heat until the water is boiling, the frog will remain there until it dies.

and that is an abusive relationship.

Holy shit.

Wake up, wake up Gotta get this paper, get this cake up
Gotta do my hair, gotta put on makeup Gotta act like I care about this fake stuff Straight up
What a waste of my day #JheneAiko

Do I Love this ho’s . I’m thinking Nahhhhhhh

Thinking ima fall don’t be so sho’?

Loving these new wallets that bae got me <3 #curt #PastelColors

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Came to highland park for a walk on a beautiful day like this

"Maybe if I was right In the mind everything would be fine"

<3 keep it coming , keep it rollin.

Fuck people, cause all these people don’t treat me right
They say they love me, but they shoot me right between my eyes #ro #jamin


"Going around" takes a lifetime

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